Description of the Project


The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “Rights and Science” is funded by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Union, within the Jean Monnet Programme (Erasmus +).

The Centre of Excellence is devoted to the legal, economic and societal issues of the scientific research, in the perspective of the EU integration. This is also in compliance with the objectives of the EU to build a true European Research Area (see Art. 179 TFEU).


Project aims

In particular, the Centre of Excellence aims at:

  • Identifying a context to discuss about the legal and ethical implications of the research activities;
  • Improving the collaboration among scholars (at different levels) from different disciplinary fields (i.e. jurists and scientists)
  • Involving students of medicine, biotechnology, and other scientific disciplines in the discussion on the European Union integration, in particular for that concerns the bioethical and legal issues of the scientific research
  • Involving other universities from other EU and no-EU Countries;
  • Establishing a contact point between academic world, local authorities, and enterprises.

The Department

Hard work until get a polished and perfect product.

The Centre of Excellence follows the experience of the Jean Monnet Chair TeKla (Roberto Cippitani), the Jean Monnet Chair Swing (Cristiano Perugini), the Jean Monnet Module EuPlaw (Valentina Colcelli).

The Centre is established at the premises of the Department of the Experimental Medicine of the University of Perugia, in collaboration with the Department of Economics of the same University and the Institute Isafom of the CNR (National Council of Research).

The activities are carried out in collaboration with the other Universities, Research Centres, other Public and Private legal entities.