11- 12 dic 2016 - Joaquin Sarrioon Esteve PROCESSING-1

Processing of Health Data

Processing of Healt Data

Seminar of the Centre of Excellence Rights and Science at Department of Experimental Medicine.
On December 12th, 13th, 14th 2016, we’ll talk about Processing of Healt Data with Prof. Joaquín Sarrión Esteve, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED).
The seminar will be at Polo Biomedico Sant’Andrea delle Fratte (Perugia) Piazzale Severi, Building A – Floor 8th. A certificate of attendance will be released to the participants.

SCIENTIFIC COORDINATION: Roberto Cippitani, Valentina Colcelli and Cristiano Perugini
PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION: Rossana Riccini and Kostanza Tomaino

10- 2 dicembre 2016 70x100 uaq-1

Conferencias Magistrales

On December 2nd 2016 ,it took place the mission to the Autonomous University of Queretaro, a public university that is located less than 200 kilometers from Mexico City, in an area declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here it was held a master lecture on human rights, during which the University of Perugia Pro-Rector vicar, Fabrizio Figorilli and the "Rights and Science" - R&S, the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence coordinator Roberto Cippitani have taken the floor.
In addition, the Mexican University and Italian universities have signed a framework agreement laying the foundations for collaboration on study and doctoral courses, as well as for conducting research activities in different fields such as scientific and technical Law.
“The collaboration among the University of Perugia and the two Mexican Universities opens very important prospectives” said Professor Mario Álvarez Ledesma, professor of Tecnológico of Monterrey, who cooperates for many years with the University of Perugia. "Indeed - continued Professor Álvarez - the difficult relations with our North American neighbors are a reason to look around us and strengthening our ties with Europe. In particular, we must strengthen the academic relationship and friendship that, for ten years, binds us to the University of Perugia and the signature with the Autonomous University of Queretaro is a further result."

4- 27 gennaio 2016

Equality of Opportunity: Theory and Evidence

Equality of Opportunity: Theory and Evidence

Rettorato, Piazza Università, 1, Perugia
On January 26th 2016 will take place the opening of the XXXI° Cycle of the PhD in Economics with a seminar titled “Equality of Opportunity: Theory and Evidence” by Francisco H.G. Ferreira (World Bank).
Introduction: Cristiano Perugini (Director of the Phd in Economics)
Chairman: Roberto Cippitani (Coordinator R&S)