Ethical Principles of Research in EU and International Law

The European Union legal sources take into consideration the opportunities along with the risks arising from the scientific research.
Therefore the EU legal system sets out the ethics rules and the other limits to the research and innovation activities.
In particular the ethical discipline is provided under the EU Charter of the Fundamental Rights and by the Treaty of the European Union and the Treaty on Functioning of the European Union, as well as under the other legal sources and the case law of the Court of Justice.
Furthermore, in accordance with the Lisbon Treaty, also the principles established under the European Convention of the Human Rights make substantial part of the EU legal system concerning the ethical aspect of the scientific research.
This line of research will deal also with other legal aspects of the research and innovation activities.
The research of the Centre of Excellence “Rights and Science” consist in drawing the EU bioethical framework concerning the ethical limits to the scientific research.
Especially, the methodological aspect of the elaboration of the ethical rules at supranational level is take into consideration.

In particular the following topic are investigated:
1. The philosophical bases of the ethical rules
2. The research and innovation and the limits established by EU legal system.
3. The ethical rules under the European Convention on Human Rights
4. Relationships between supranational, international and national levels
5. The role of the Ethical Committees under the EU legal system
6. Creation and Interpretation of the Ethical rules
7. Application of the Ethical Rules: Obligations and Contractual Relationship, Penal Law, Commercial Law, etc.

The activities are carring out taking with the methodology of the research in legal fields, based on the collection of the legal sources, case law, administrative praxis at European Union, International and National level.
The research is carried out with a multidisciplinary approach, in particular taking into account the needs of the researchers in scientific fields.

Lecture Series “Law and Science”