International Congress “Individual Rights as Dimension of the European Research Area”

Building the European Research Area (ERA) is one of the most important aims of the EU as established by the Article 179 TFEU and stated by the documents of the Commission.
The construction of the ERA supports the EU integration and the growth of the entire economy and society.
ERA should be coincided as a legal area where is recognized the free circulation of researchers, managers of innovation and other persons, as well as the results of the research activities.
This freedom is also denominated “Fifth Freedom” in the EU documents.
In particular, the Fifth freedom has many consequences on the rights of the researchers and of the other persons.
The international congress is focused on the debate concerning the state of realization of ERA and as this construction may impact/afect the rights and obligations of the persons.

The topics of the Conference will be as follows:
a) ERA: the state of art. Evolution and/or involution of the building
Invited speakers: Officers of Commission/Executive Agencies, scholars (economists)
b) The fundamental rights of the researchers within ERA: freedom of movement, social and labor rights, IPR rights
Invited speakers: Scholars, judges and professionals
c) Fundamental rights and ERA. Limits for reseracher and research establishments in carrying out the research and innovation activities: bioethics, protection of animals and environment, dignity and privacy.
Invited speakers: Scholars, judges and professionals

Dissemination: The proceedings of the Conference will be published as books edited by the Centre.

Jornada Sobre Investigacion Biomédica y Menores: Aspectos Etico-Legales
Ethical and Legal Issues of Research and Innovation