Legal Rules of the Scientific Research under the EU Law

The discipline of the Research and innovation within European Union is very huge, also taking into account the strategic aims of Europe to build a true “Knowledge-based Society”, i.e. a society and economy based on research, innovation and education.
The Lisbon Strategy and now the Communication Europe 2020 are able to establish a legal context which affect the traditional legal concepts.

The research of the Centre consist in drawing the EU legal framework concerning the scientific research:

  • Legal rules and research activities
  • Legal entities carrying out the research activities
  • The legal discipline of the results of the research
  • Contracts for research and technological transfer
  • Civil liability and research activities
  • Freedom within the Internal Market

The activities are carring out taking with the methodology of the research in legal fields, based on the collection of the legal sources, case law, administrative praxis at European Union, International and National level.
The research is carried out with a multidisciplinary approach, in particular taking into account the needs of the researchers in scientific fields.
The activity will be expected to show how the EU integration impacts on the creation and application of the legal and ethical rules.

Law of Research and Innovation (Law of Bioetechnological Innovation)